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The mission of Mobile Fleet Specialists of Birmingham is to be the leading provider of commercial on-site fleet services for the greater Birmingham Area. We will look to exceed customer expectations for service, quality, and value. Our goal is to treat each employee with respect and create an environment where employees can flourish and achieve their potential. We will partner with our local community to provide support and value that is mutually beneficial and will promote growth and customer retention.

We offer savings for our customers:

  1. Mobile Fleet Specialists’ labor rate and maintenance services are more than competitive.
  2. On-site maintenance means your towing and down-time expenses, as well as your schedule disruptions, will be significantly reduced.

We offer multiple benefits to our customers:

  1.  We remind you when oil changes or other maintenance is needed.
  2.  Customized Service Plan to fit your needs and requirements.
  3.  Complete historical record of all maintenance and repairs on a vehicle.
  4.  DOT inspection tracking.
  5.  Speed of response.


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